Ride together to promote men’s mental health.

Ride, reach and meet people who care, who make things change…

Promote solidarity among peers, friends, bros, bikers...

Our team will tour Europe's main events about vintage motorcycles, and in each country, meet bike builders, but also local associations and relay their actions.

Bringing together men of good will, we can do more, and we can help!

Why we ride...

Ride together to prevent men’s suicide.

Ride, reach, and then tell the story, to make things change…

Ride and reach those in need of help, and those that help, bringing solidarity to face men’s mental health issues and to prevent suicide.

Promote efficient actions, help among peers, cast a light on the many innovative actions taken by field working associations throughout Europe, and gather the strength of all those actors.

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Mental health is a major health concern for men.

Men account for 75% of deaths by suicide, yet they are far less likely to seek out mental support than women are. Interactions with peers or friends are more effective at reaching out men in need of such help than ordinary prevention campaigns.

We believe that promoting solidarity is paramount for encouraging men to find the support they need. Through the imagery and values they convey, vintage motorcycles offer a formidable resource for bringing men together.  There is history, design, solidity and fun, both purpose and leisure, and the sheer joy of sharing a ride…

And you never leave a fellow rider behind!

Meeting and narrating.

Touring major events related to motorcycles throughout Europe and reporting them through videos and pictures on social media, we shall be able to convey these values of solidarity and promote efficient actions taken all around in a fun, and subtly laid-back way.

We believe we can reach out to men more efficiently this way.

Our team is already workin on designs related to the motorcycle imagery...

An initiative promoted by FEALIPS.

The European Federation of Associations Against Isolation and for the Prevention of Suicide (FEALIPS) is an NGO, focusing on associative work in mental health, building bridges between research, social workers and health practionners.

The Ride and Reach program also aims at allowing our members to connect with others throughout Europe, hence encouraging the exchange of practices, and enabling field actors to benefit from each other.

Shared tools, forged together, could go a long way in improving the way we help men take care of themselves!


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